The New Leadership Literacies by Bob Johansen

Here is a question: what is the difference from predicting the future in ten years or imagining the future ten years out and working back from there? Answer: I don’t really know.

That’s the how I feel about this book. Yes, you can split hairs and talk about how imagining the future and working back is more strategic, but I feel like in the end, you are just saying the same thing but using different words. I didn’t find this book to provide me with any practical insight. For example, there is a chapter that discusses the importance of presence in a world where physical space is less important or the “new literacy of being there when you are not there.” Then you turn the page to a new chapter and it immediately starts out with “When I walk into a room, I radiate positive energy.”

Leadership is messy and it is full of contradictions but this book felt all over the map. I don’t think the author’s words are untrue, but I didn’t find them insightful. Perhaps I am too narrow minded or foolish to understand the author’s insight and wisdom, but in the end I did not learn from this book.

"The most dangerous thing you can do is to pretend that you know something that you actually don't know."