Neither Jew Nor Gentile by George Yancey

Diversity is a big issue in this country, it is a huge issue in higher education, and fundamental issue in Christian higher education. Anyone who has spent a few minutes on both a public university campus and Christian university campus will probably notice instantly the difference in diversity. Historically, Christian colleges and universities have been predominantly white, and despite well-intended diversity initiatives over the past few decades most Christian campuses remain homogenous.

Dr. George Yancey wants to know why and what these schools can do. This book is essentially a large journal article with qualitative and quantitative research about diversity on Protestant campuses across the country. In the research, he discovers the effectiveness of admission and retention initiatives, diversity classes, minority professors, chapel speakers, and so much more. This book gives real data to a real problem on our campuses. A problem we cannot avoid.

The book is not afraid to tell us what does not work. As a student development professional, it stings a little to see the ineffectiveness of diversity/multicultural offices, but it is very encouraging to see how student-led organizations, faculty, and classes can have lasting impact.

Anyone who wants to work on a Christian campus ought to read this book.

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