Multiply by Francis Chan

In my opinion, Francis Chan is one of the best communicators we have in the church today. His fiery passion for God is wildly infectious. I always enjoy his words.

Multiply has a simple concept. God told us to make disciples so we should go and make disciples. With such a simple concept I was surprised that the book was over 300 pages, but I was excited to read it nonetheless.

The book consists of 5 clearly labeled sections: Discipleship Making, Living as the Church, How to study the Bible, Understanding the Old Testament, and Understanding the New Testament. The first two sections break down the calling of the Church in the local and global communities. How to Study the Bible is kind of weak attempt to advocate both academic and personal exploration of the Bible. (I obviously don’t think “academic” and “personal” are conflicting ideas but it can definitely be presented that way). The final two sections summarize the entire the Bible narrative in an extremely concise way.

In the end, Multiply is a good book designed specifically for small groups in hopes of making creating new disciples. I am not sure in the Bible Cliff-Notes was necessary.