Mind Your Faith by David Horner

“For a follower of Jesus the pursuit of a university education should be seen as a positive, exciting endeavor, not something to be endured or escaped. It is to be loved rather than feared.”

Another addition to my faith in higher education library is Mind Your Faith by David Horner. A Christian university professor educated in the secular environment, Horner clearly sees how many universities have given up on teaching meaning and spirituality and how many Christians – who attend faith-based or secular universities – decide to separate their faith and intellect during college.

Faith and reason are not meant to be disconnected; reason does not undermine faith and faith does not abolish reason. We are meant to use our God-given minds to support our faith and worship our Lord.

Horner frequently discusses the prophet Daniel a great example of man who faced many challenges at “Babylon University” yet met every temptation with a strong faith and educated mind. Additionally, Horner walks us through a course in basic philosophy, assisting the reader in debunking commonly held perspectives such as relativism.

Though I was not amazed by the book, I think Mind Your Faith is a respectable work about the role of mind and faith. Education should be of utmost importance to a follower of Christ, because Christ made it all. I especially enjoyed his constant commendations to community. “Communities are made of relationships that gives us models, hold us accountable, encourage us, comfort us and provide us opportunities for ministry.”