The Magic of Reality by Richard Dawkins

Science was one of my favorite subjects in school. Learning science felt like you were learning the secrets of the world, like a magician telling you their secrets. But I was always confused by my scientific education. Typically, I was only given the facts but not the process. Sure, we know dinosaurs lived millions of years ago, but how do we know that? What gave us this incredible knowledge?

The Magic of Reality is an incredible book. It is very well written. Dawkins does not dumb it down nor does he use superfluous scientific jargon. For example, he proposes a basic question like “What are things made of?” then goes about describing carefully what we know about atoms and how we know what we know.

This book inspires me to learn more. It pushes me to think and rethink which is the essence of the scientific process. We should never be stagnant. There is a lot we don’t know, but this doesn’t mean the universe is unknowable instead it should push us to learn more.