Love Wins by Rob Bell

I think this book says a lot of good things. Christians should not be obsessed with the heaven and hell after this life when there is so much Christ wants to do here. God cares so much about this world that He came to the earth to tell us.

We need to be Kingdom-focused and that starts now. Not after we die. Christians should help make this world a better place instead of just standing around telling everyone how horrible they are and how things will probably get worse.

I think Rob Bell has a good message in the book, however I do think this book is missing something. To me, it just kind of ends. I felt like I had a lot of "yes, and..." moments. The promise of God in and heaven and the reality of hell exists, it may be completely different than we imagine because we are finite beings trying to describe an infinite concept, but that does not take away from the words of Jesus.

I do not like to “not recommend” books because I think it is very important for each individual to find the book and form their own opinion. In the end, I think the book makes some valid points, but it leaves out a lot of what I find in the Gospel.

Plus, I have grown tired of the way Rob Bell writes, (i.e. one word paragraphs, short clauses, one sentence for a whole page) it seems kind of lazy to me.