Love Kindness by Barry Corey

As a Christian higher education enthusiast, I follow the Facebook and Twitter profiles of numerous Christian colleges and universities. The profiles I enjoy the most are the Christian college presidents who are you actively involved on their social media. This is where I came across Love Kindness.

On a random day weeks ago, Biola University president, Barry Corey, tweeted a simple message about his upcoming book. I quickly switched over to Amazon and pre-ordered myself a copy and was elated when the book arrived in my office a couple of weeks earlier than expected.

Love Kindness is an excellent book with an excellent message.

As stated in the book, we are experiencing a significant change in our society. Christianity and American society do not see eye to eye on many issues. Some Christians see this as a time to confront our doctrines. Some see this as a time to fight harder. But President Corey’s approach brings us all back to reality; a reality that is loving yet strong.

“We need a firm center and soft edges.”

Having faith, strong beliefs, intense passion, and solid reasoning are not the problem. A lack of love, grace, and listening lead to irreconcilable splits and unfruitful debates. Having a solid center of faith yet edges that are open enough to listen is essential for sharing your love of Christ and others.

I highly recommend this book. Corey shares some amazing stories about his ups and downs both personally and professionally. It is a very refreshing book.

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