Love Does by Bob Goff

“I used to think…”

I used to think of lawyers as either bland, intellectual nerds or the scheming, slimy weasels. Fortunately, Bob does not fit into either of these stereotypes.

Bob Goff is the closest thing to a super hero. By day he is a simple lawyer conducting depositions; but after hours he is out saving the world – saving it the way only love can. Bob doesn’t simply live life; he creates it through adventures, experiences, relationships, and so much more.

Life has been Bob’s greatest teacher. Every chapter of Love Does is a chapter in Bob’s adventure in love (or his love for adventure). After hearing his stories, I realized my life was comparatively pathetic. I was extremely jealous of his adventures and I wondered why I have never lived so freely. Then I asked myself, “Why not?” Life is about the moment you are in. The book is titled “Love Does” and not “Love Did” or “Love Will Do.”

As Bob Goff summarized it, Jesus doesn’t want to be studied – that’s like stalking someone. Jesus wants to be known personally. Jesus never looked for everyone to agree with Him, He wanted to see action.

If you are a fan of Donald Miller’s writings then you will appreciate Love Does. Donald Miller appears to have created this new genre of Christian non-fiction that I really admire. These writings are sort of theology of life stories. God has given us a life - a life we can learn from and a life we are continually creating. So why not invite God along the way?