Live the Questions by Jeffrey Keuss

“By asking better questions and learning to have faith amid doubts, we can learn to trust in our relationships with God, with others, and with creation over our need for certainty at all costs.”

I really love this quote. Though a man of faith, I am also quite skeptical. I always lead with questions. I am always filled with doubt. But I actually consider my faith to be strong because of my doubts. My doubts reinforce the things I believe. It seems counterintuitive, but when I am constantly scratching off the excess I am always left with a solid core.

Despite this great quote and overall theme, I really didn’t enjoy this book. I think the main turnoff for me is the author’s reliance on defining Hebrew words to drive home a point. I understand that a lot of nuance gets lost in translation from Hebrew to English, but it just feels like a crutch. In one paragraph the author repeats a Hebrew word six times though I believe the English word is entirely sufficient.

Unfortunately, this is a device used by many authors and pastors. To me, it feels like someone is creating a barrier between me and the Scriptures. Like I am too dumb to full understand what God meant originally. When God said creation was good, He really meant….and so on and so on.

Perhaps, I just a little burnout on this subject or overly critical, but this wasn’t a book that moved me in any direction good or bad. Overall I value the theme of the book and its content.