Live From New York

When Saturday Night Live hit the airwaves back in 1975, it changed everything. The young Not Ready for Primetime players poked, ridicule, teased, lampooned, and vocally criticized the natural order. Overnight, no celebrity, politician, or world leader was safe from the jabs of SNL. 

Over the years, it has developed, matured, and improved. SNL has always been on the edge of comedy, letting inexperienced yet emerging comics step onto the national stage with fresh and innovative styles and characters. Creator Lorne Michaels will go down in history as the pioneer of modern American comedy.

At 600+ pages, this book is a beast. This book is almost entirely filled with interviews from former cast members, writers, producers, and hosts. You cannot get a more honest look at SNL, its production, its sketches, or its cultural impact.

Though I enjoy the firsthand accounts, after a few hundred pages I began to really appreciate the work of a good editor who could have whittle down the interviews into a concise yet very interesting account on the power of Saturday Night Live.

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