Liberal Arts for the Christian Life edited by Jeffry C. Davis & Philip G. Ryken

“Your college years are uniquely wonderful. Few other experiences in life will have the same once-only quality of your college education or provide you the same luxury of opportunity to expand your intellectual and spiritual awareness.”

Wheaton College is one of the most prominent Christian colleges in the United States. Being a top ranked liberal arts college, Wheaton commands top notch faculty completely devoted to the liberal arts. Liberal Arts for the Christian Life is a compilation of short essays dedicated to great importance and significance of Christian higher education written by the educators of Wheaton college.

The book is split into 5 sections: Terminology and Background, Theological Convictions, Habits and Virtues, Divisional Areas of Study, and The End of Christian Liberal Arts. Each chapter does a great job weaving together Scripture with the arts and sciences. For the student interested in college or the professionals looking into education, this book offers some amazing snippets.

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