Leading with a Limp by Dan B. Allender

If I had to sum up in one phrase all the leadership literature I have read over the few years, I would say, “Leading is difficult, very difficult.”

Every moment of every day is affected by leadership. Whether it be at work, at school, or at home, our lives are affected by the decisions of our personal leadership or by the leaders above us.

Leadership is certainly not for the weak. Or is it?

This is the theme of Dan Allender’s Leading with a Limp. When we think of leaders, we tend to think of men and women who live in their own personal solar system. These leaders are different. They only work. They never stop. They don’t look, sound, or act like us. They seem to be of another species. However, this view of leadership is skewed and only found in our heads.

Allender points us to the leaders God chose throughout the Bible. The most revealing fact is that almost every single leader we find in the Scriptures are chosen by God and only accepted reluctantly by the person. God delights finding men or women who do not seek out glory or position, but God’s glory and merely results.

Leading with a Limp is a great reminder that society’s definition of leadership does not equal God’s definition.