Leading People from the Middle by William P. Robinson

“When you’re dealing with the customer, you become the CEO”

I met Bill Robinson a few years ago. It was a great honor to meet him and learn about leadership. He is personable and passionate. I was given a copy of his other book Incarnate Leadership, and I gobbled that book up in seconds. It was a quick and honest portrayal of leadership.

Robinson is a highly successful leader. I believe his authenticity has made him successful. Because of him, Whitworth University is well known for being one of the best organizations to work for. Additionally, Robinson is a highly successful leader because he is a student of leadership. In Leading People from the Middle, Robinson breaks down the heart and mind of leadership. He introduces us to different leadership studies while disclosing tales of his leadership journey.

He is frank and honest. He does not try to hide the silly and ugly side of leadership. I really appreciate his words on leadership and I hope I get more opportunities to practice my leadership in my every day.