Leadership Jazz by Max DePree

“Knowing what not to do is fully as important as knowing what to do”

Leadership Jazz may be small book but it is huge on content. The book is littered with nuggets of wisdom and insight. I don’t remember the last time I read a book where I wrote quote after quote down.

Max DePree was a great leader. He was a great leader because he respected his followers and his followers respected him. I don’t think DePree had any supernatural executive powers, but I do believe he had a strong passion for others.

This book is a quick read and a must for any leader.

Here are some more nuggets:

“Good relationships are rooted in gratitude.”

“Leaders need an ability to look through a variety of lenses.”

“Followers really determine how successful a leader will be.”

“If you’re a leader and you’re not sick and tired of communicating, you probably aren’t doing a good enough job.”

“Followers need a chance to do their best; leaders need a lot of help.”

“I still try to remember how much there is that I don’t know.”

“Do you pick up towels because you’re the president of a company, or are you the president because you pick up towels?”