Leadership Axioms by Bill Hybels

Leadership is no easy task. In the midst of all the hard work and busyness, an ordinarily effective leader can become careless, frustrated, or downright hopeless. Bill Hybels who has spent three decades building one of the most successful churches in America, has dedicated his life to developing successful ministry leaders around the world. Too often he has seen churches and ministries fail due to a considerable lack of quality leadership. God’s work demands our best

Hybels attempts to break leadership into small, manageable leadership truths. Leadership Axioms aims to provide leaders with a toolbox of handy leadership proverbs that he or she can apply to almost any leadership challenge.

Obviously, these axioms will not solve every single leadership dilemma. The leader needs to take this information, digest it, and use it appropriately. At times the axioms seem to contradict each other (see chapters Language Matters and Just Say It), but in the end, these words will ring true to any leader. Having this reference on your shelf would be a good idea.