Is This a Great Game, or What? By Tim Kurkijan

Tim Kurkijan is probably the baseball world’s biggest nerd. He is full of the most random baseball facts and the most obscure statistics, but ultimately, he is just a modest man who is extremely passionate about the game. If you have ever seen him on ESPN, you know exactly what I mean.

The book is not really organized in any coherent way, most likely because Kurkijan’s brain is not wired in a logical way. But he moves so effortlessly from legendary tall tales to remarkable batting stats to esoteric baseball figures. From cover to cover, this book is packed with juicy stories, hilarious anecdotes, and mind-numbing numbers and as a baseball fan, I could not get enough.

To me the most compelling aspect of the book is Tim Kurkijan’s love for the game. You can really sense his heart and passion for the national pastime. Though he is not afraid to criticize Major League Baseball, its players, and its fans, he defends the sport with all his heart and mind. This book is not for baseball fans, it is for the baseball die-hard.