Incarnate Leadership by Bill Robinson

Being a college president is no easy task. He or she must lead a small army of well-educated administrators. He/she must juggle faculty from various specialties and focuses. He/she must comply with federal, state, and local regulations and oridances. He/she has to shake hands with potential donors. He/she is responsible for the lives of so many students. And if he/she is a Christian institution, he/she must also rummage through theological disagreements from all sides.

But most importantly, he/she needs to do it all with a smile.

It is not an easy job. Being a college president is the ultimate course in leadership.

Bill Robinson, the now retired president of Whitworth in Washington, led several universities for over three decades. He is now almost the guru of Christian higher education (which is also why he is serving at the interim president of the Council of Christian Colleges and Universities).

Incarnate Leadership is a quick case study in leadership, and who else to study as a better example of leadership than Jesus. Robinson takes one simple introduction of Jesus from the words of John, breaks them down, and shows you why Jesus is the way of leadership. He throws in little stories and anecdotes from all his years in leadership to make the book feel like a one-on-one casual chat.

I really admire Bill Robinson. I admire his experiences, I highly regard his accomplishments, and I value the wisdom of his words.