In Defense of a Liberal Education by Fareed Zakaria

“There is today a loss of coherence and purpose surrounding the idea of a liberal education.”

Nearly every week I see an article online about which college degrees lead to the best paying careers and which ones do not. I read these articles and I am saddened. These articles promote education only as a means to earn money. And schools are partly to blame. For decades, colleges and universities have been avidly advertising the (very true) fact that people with a college degree earn significantly more money over their career than their non-degree holding counterparts.

While it is not evil to consider job prospects and salary when choosing a school or major, it is completely gut-wrenching to see a student choose a business degree rather than music solely based on future job possibilities. It is so difficult to see students choose a path of comfort over a path of courage and passion.

When I was in college I chose a major I was passionate about. I had no clue what job I would get with it, but I knew my passion would be contagious in whatever vocation I choose. Things worked out for me, I know for every success story there is a discouraging story.

In Defense of a Liberal Education by Fareed Zakaria is about turning back to the foundation of liberal education. “The solution to the problems of a liberal education is more – and better – liberal education.” This is a wonderful and concise book that describes that challenges and benefits of a liberal education in a modern Western society.

I highly recommend this book as a ringing endorsement for a liberal education.

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