I'm Fascinated by Sacrifice Flies by Tim Kurkjian

I didn’t watch a lot of ESPN growing up. Whenever I turned it on, they were typically talking about football, Kobe Bryant, or Derek Jeter. Not being a fan of these, I usually turned the channel. The only bright spot on ESPN for me is Baseball Tonight. An hour (or so) devoted purely to baseball is like heaven.

Recently, I began to love the musings of commentator Tim Kurkjian. His love for the game is unmistakable and his obsession with baseball’s history and quirks are infectious. A few years back I picked up his book Is This a Great Game, or What? and I was absolutely fascinated by it. So I was practically giddy when I saw that Kurkjian was coming out with another book and I was definitely not disappointed.

I’m Fascinated by Sacrifice Flies is another entry into the crazy world of baseball. Kurkjian has become the unofficial curator of baseball’s statistical oddities. What makes this book great is the amount of player input. Though authored by Kurkjian this book is virtually written by baseball players past and present. I’ve read plenty of books that literally put quote after quote tied together with a theme, but Kurkjian directs the narrative, interconnecting the thoughts of players.

Any fan of baseball will love this book.

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