The Idea of a Christian College by Arthur F. Holmes

The Idea of a Christian College is a concise work that kind of lays out why we have Christian colleges. In the first few pages, Arthur Holmes is quick to point out what the Christian college is not: a defender of the faith, a good education with Bible classes and chapels, or just a training center for Church-related vocations. Yes, a Christian college can provide these but to be unique, they need to offer more - much more.

A Christian college "should be an education that cultivates the creative and active integration of faith and learning, of faith and culture.”

This book definitely targets professors and administrators working at a Christian college and even graduate students looking to get into the profession. This book is not really targeted for students or their parents, though I am sure some of them could benefit from it.

If you believe in Christian higher education or you want to look into deeper, I think this book is a great initiation. This book is a definite recommend but like most books, it is not perfect. It is more like a launching pad than a comprehensive thesis.

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