I Shouldn't Even Be Doing This by Bob Newhart

Bob Newhart is one of my favorite comedians. He could literally make me laugh reading from a phone book – though who uses a phone book anymore. Newhart’s comedy really comes from his personality and mannerism, and not really his jokes or material.

He has experienced incredible success in stand-up, television, and film, (and you can add this bestselling book) making him a rarity among comedians. His albums The Button-Down Mind of Bob Newhart and The Button-Down Mind Strikes Back! reached the top two spots on the Billboard charts at the same time, the only entertainer to achieve such a feat until 1991.

Bob Newhart is probably the most normal comedian I have read about, however he is able to find the insanity that lies within our perceptions of normalcy.

I enjoyed Newhart’s short memoir. He throws in plenty of his classic routines in the book, which are only funny in written form because I read them like Newhart performs them. But to be honest, I found Don Rickles’ memoir to be better. I mention this only because Newhart and Rickles are close friends and their stories slightly intertwined.

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