I Must Say by Martin Short

This is a great book.

I have read my fair share of memoirs by comedians and other entertainers. Almost all of them have been very well written. Comedic entertainers have a very unique perspective on everything. They seem to view life from a totally different lens. I would argue that they have a more realistic, more concrete view because they are not afraid to challenge the status quo or question the taboos of society. This is what makes their biographies so interesting.

Having said that, Martin Short’s affectionately entitled book, I Must Say: My Life as a Humble Comedy Legend is one of the best memoirs I have ever read. It has everything you want. It is funny yet incredibly sincere. It is reflective yet present.

Martin Short simply just presents his life in his unique voice starting with his modest upbringing in Canada to his start in show business to his sincere friendships with some of Hollywood’s elite like Steve Martin and Tom Hanks.

The story that really enraptured me was the relationship of Martin Short and his wife. The love for his wife jumps off the page. That is a something you do not hear about enough, especially in the entertainment world.

Anyone who loves Martin Short or comedic history will love this book.

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