The How-To Guide for Generations at Work by Robby Slaughter

This is one of the most unique times in the work force. Never have so many generations coexisted in the work force operating in various roles and levels. This anomaly can probably be attributed to the meteoric rise of technology and the sheer size of today’s work force. Being able to lead, manage, and collaborate within generational differences is a must.

In his work, Robby Slaughter takes the reader through the face of the modern workforce, practical changes, and a few examples.

There was nothing ground breaking in this work. All the information was adequate but there were some small, perhaps insignificant things that hindered my appreciation for the work. The physical arrangement of the book was odd and distracting, but I had a paperback copy; an e-book version may be easier.

Though the author mentions all his sources, I wish there was a list of references at the end of each chapter. Not only do I think this is best practice, I think it is helpful to the reader. For example, there was a mention to some national labor statistics, I am confident I could find those numbers online but seeing the reference or an address to the actual report would be beneficial.

Though the information is adequate, I don’t see myself using this book in the future.