Holy Spirit by Billy Graham

“We as Christians are to prepare the way. We are to be ready for the Spirit to fill and use us.”

The study of the Holy Spirit is very unique. While the Old Testament focuses mainly on the concept of the Father, and the New Testament focuses mainly on the life and teachings of Jesus.  The Holy Spirit is mentioned very briefly and though Christians do not deny the divine nature of the Holy Spirit, there are disagreement s concerning the manifestation of the Holy Spirit.

Billy Graham is obviously the most well-known evangelist in the world. He is passionate yet mechanical in his faith and words. He always relies on the power of Scripture to communicate. In this book, Graham goes step by step explaining the wondrous presence of the Holy Spirit and how the Spirit dwells in us and moves through us.

Graham has never been known to be concise. Though book is just shy of three hundred words, the book reads like a textbook for preachers. Anyone interested in a deep conversation and study into the work of the Holy Spirit would enjoy this book.

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