High Heat by Tim Wendel

We all love the curveball. The hook. The deuce. Public enemy number one. Uncle Charlie. It is an amazing pitch to watch.

But nothing beats the fastball. The numero uno. The terminator. The high heat.

In my opinion the most dominating pitchers in Major League Baseball were probably Nolan Ryan and Sandy Koufax. Those are pretty safe picks, but there are a lot of other deserving pitchers out there: Roger Clemens, Walter Johnson, Satchel Paige, etc.

High Heat is simply about the fastball; how it works who are the people that throw it, and the myths that surround the infamous pitch. Author Tim Wendel takes you down a lot of trails, perhaps too many. He loves to jump regularly between stories. At times I would get lost in all the competing story lines. One chapter jumped around David Price, Nolan Ryan, Steve Dalkowski, Nuke LaLoosh, and Sandy Koufax. I wish he would have spent whole chapters on these individual stories instead of shifting gears constantly.

Though a very interesting topic that was well thought out, I didn’t like the flow or construction of the book. I never got to dive deep into the stories. This just is not my style of nonfiction that I appreciate.