Good to Great by Jim Collins

“I never stopped trying to become qualified for the job.”

I first learned about Jim Collins at the annual Global Leadership Conference organized by the Willow Creek Association. Though he was promoting a different book, I heard only incredible things about his work Good to Great and at the conference I was fascinated with his understanding of how people and businesses thrive.

When I first picked up this book, I was expecting Collins to survey some of the best companies in the nation and tell me a few things these companies have in common. What I did not expect was a thoroughly academically researched investigation into the differences between a good company and a great company.

Collins (and his team) systematically walks us through six stages every great works through to move from good to great: Level 5 Leadership, First Who…Then What, Confront the Brutal Facts, The Hedgehog Concept, A Culture of Discipline, and Technology Accelerators. Each stage is so amazingly simple that you feel almost foolish for not knowing it yet each stage is also so profound you wonder how you could ever accomplish it.

I really think anyone trying to start a business, save a business, build a charity, or just organize something can benefit from this book. It takes all the complicated issues one can have managing an organization into simple practical words. This is a great book, I look forward to reading Jim Collins other works.

“What work makes you feel compelled to try to create greatness?”