God by Reza Aslan

I really enjoyed Aslan’s Zealot. It is an interesting book with an interesting premise. God: A Human History, however, failed to reach the level of interesting. The first six chapters of the book cover the earliest descriptions of a the divine; how the concept of god evolved over time. There is very little context in these chapters. I was constantly flipping to the back of the book to read the endnotes which had a lot of noteworthy information, I wish Aslan incorporated more of this information.

The last three chapters were more interesting as he (quickly) covered the development of god through Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. I still think these chapters were a bit light on context but since I know more about these religions, I think I unconsciously filled in a lot of blanks in my head.

Since the book is touted as a human history of god, I was hoping to not only see how the concept of god changed over time but why did it change. Perhaps there is no way to do that, but it would be particularly fascinating to see how our concept of god changes when the world changes.

This book was not bad, it just failed to capture my imagination.