God Believes in Love by Gene Robinson

There is no way I can write a review of this book without upsetting someone. It is nearly impossible in today’s religious climate to discuss gay and lesbian issues without creating dissenters or even enemies.

So let me say this, I do not have the answers. Following the Lord can be very confusing (why do we pray and ask an immutable, omniscient God for things? He can’t change and already knows everything). I come into any discussion with a sense of humility; an understanding that there is so much I do not understand.

Gene Robinson loves the Lord and has dedicated his life to serving Christ and serving the Church. He believes in love, he believes in marriage, and he practices what he preaches. God Believes in Love is Robinson’s response to the gay marriage debate within Christianity. Robinson breaks down the arguments into ten simple questions. He confronts civil rights, social norms, and of course, theological understandings.

His responses are clear, concise, and pretty straightforward. I was not surprised by any of his answers. If you oppose Robinson’s interpretation of Scripture then you could probably write an entire book on the faults in his theology. I doubt a dissenter reading this book would be persuaded by anything Robinson’s discusses.

By reading this book I received a better understanding of this issue. When gay marriage is discussed on television or from the pulpit, we make it a political or theological issue and not a personal issue. I know many people that would consider Gene Robinson a depraved sinner destined for damnation because of his sexual orientation. What a horrible thing to think about. Instead I think of Gene Robinson as a man loved by God, a love that cannot be impeded in any way. Is that not why should love him?

If you a Christian leader looking to love others unconditionally, this is a great book for you.

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