Game Plan by Nic Gibson and Syler Thomas

Being a higher education professional and well-removed from my college days, it’s hard to remember what the first day of college felt like. I forget my naivety, gullibility, stubbornness, and innocence. Pastors Nic Gibson and Syler Thomas try to proactively help young men and women transitioning into college life. Their book is short and simple, giving the readers practical information and advice to use. They do not try to evangelize or start theological debates.

The chapters written by Gibson dive deeper into the assigned subjects however his writing is a bit dry, while chapters authored by Thomas feel more superficial yet easier to read. I am not exactly sure how useful this book would be to a high school graduate or college freshmen. The information is pertinent, however the book does not seem to know its audience. It is directed to newer Christians (i.e. Chapter 3: What is a Christian?) or young men and women who have grown up in the faith (Chapter 11: Pluralism and Relativism)? Sure, the book can be written for both and students can skim the parts they know.

All in all, the book is decent; however, the final two chapters of the book kind of killed it for me. In the chapter about money, the author suggests that schools should charge tuition according to the money that student will make after college. For example, a biology major should have higher tuition while a philosophy major should be charged less. It is a brief statement by the author, but a ridiculous one nonetheless. And then there is a chapter on marriage, which shouldn’t be a conversation for a college freshman. He could have included the information in the chapter on dating.

I was hoping to find a book to use with students on my campus and honestly, I have not found it yet.

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