Game of Shadows by Mark Fainaru-Wada & Lance Williams

I was never a fan of Barry Bonds. Being a Dodger fan, I loathed anyone who donned the orange and black of San Francisco. However, I did respect the numbers he put up throughout his entire career. We all remember the insane numbers he put up near the tail end of his career. Like everyone else in the world, I suspected Bonds did steroids. I watched the news and read the articles. Everyone knew it but no one could prove it.

As much as I wanted to see Major League Baseball rip Bonds from the history books, I had to give him the benefit of the doubt because there was no solid evidence against him.

And then I read Gameof Shadows.

The last remaining traces of respect I had for the alleged home run king vanished. There is no doubt Bonds did steroids. Sure, at the time the MLB did not have a drug policy, but federal government had already prohibited the use of non-prescribed steroids in this nation. Bonds was clearly breaking the law and so was his entourage around him. Additionally, the San Francisco Giants organization, the Players’ Union, and Bud Selig practically encouraged steroid use by turning a blind eye.

I was captivated with how devastating and damning this book is for Major League Baseball. The Steroid Era is (hopefully) over now, and I hope it remains that way.

If you really want to see the ugly underpinnings  of Major League Baseball and almost any competitive professional sport, this book will blind you thorough research and amazing stories.