The Future of Christian Higher Education by David Dockery

I surprisingly found this book at a local used book store. It looked interesting and the topic is right up my alley, so I thought why not. The book is compilation of speeches given at Union University throughout a few years. Each chapter is brought to you by a great mind working at a Christian college or university. 

The book was published in 1999 which is like the Stone Age in higher education terms. It is like reading a book about the future of space travel before the Apollo missions started. A lot has changed in the past decade and a half. The events of 9/11 changed our world, the internet and other technology like social networking has changed how we communicate, and the tragedy at Virginia Tech in 2007 have changed our focus on college campuses.

While reading this book I was looking for two things: are we experiencing the “future” as mentioned by the authors? And what parts of this book are still applicable today? Unfortunately this book didn’t really answer these questions. 

The authors that contributed to this book act more like cheerleaders than players. They know the problems facing higher education and they know Christian higher education needs to step up but there’s not much else. Kind of like when the manager yells, “We need to score some more.” Though the advice is true, I’m not sure how it helps.

I am sure if I was a professional working in the late 1990’s (instead of slacking off in middle school) then I’m sure this book would have seemed innovative. But as we work into the second decade of the 21st century, this book looks nothing but ancient.

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