Forgotten God by Francis Chan

I really like Francis Chan. He’s very open and honest and he has a God-given gift of communication. In the book Forgotten God, Francis Chan discusses the third person of the Trinity – the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit exists in our Theology but does He in our beliefs and action? According to Chan, our lives would be utterly and completely different if we believed the Lord in the Holy Spirit actually entered our hearts.

The Holy Spirit makes an earth-shattering appearance in Acts and throughout the New Testament through Paul and the Apostles. Throughout the book, Chan gives plenty of examples of the Holy Spirit working through women and men. The Holy Spirit is our connection to heaven as the Holy Spirit intercedes to the Father on our behalf, and through the Holy Spirit the Lord is glorified. “A sure sign of the Holy Spirit’s working is that Christ is magnified, not people.”

Topic aside, I really was not impressed by the book. Francis Chan fills the chapters with a bunch of tired Christian rhetoric. I do believe in the depravity of man and the need for salvation, but it seemed like Chan would argue that the only good things come from the Holy Spirit. So anything like peace or joy or patience or kindness – you know fruits of Spirit – prior to conversion were not genuine. Additionally, the logic seemed to go in the circles: the Holy Spirit makes your heart good, but in order to accept the Holy Spirit you need a good heart.

Again I don’t disagree with Francis Chan’s book but I just felt like this book was a bit underwhelming.

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