Forever Blue by Michael D'Antonio

I was rather young when the O’Malley family sold their beloved Dodger franchise to a big faceless corporation. I was too young to realize the significance of that transaction. The O’Malley Family – specifically Walter O’Malley – had turned the Dodgers from the humble bums into a world class organization.

The history of Walter O’Malley is not just the history of the Dodgers; it is the history of Major League Baseball. He was a visionary. He helped bring Jackie Robinson to Brooklyn, breaking the color barrier in professional sports. He made baseball a truly national sport when brought the Dodgers (and the hated Giants) to California. He built a new, state-of-the-art ballpark with Dodger Stadium (which now stands as one of the oldest parks in the professional baseball).

This book wonderfully portrays Walter the man, Walter the business owner, and Walter the history maker.