Faith Learning and the Christian Scholarly Vocation edited by Douglas V. Henry and Bob R. Agee

“This mission of a Christian college is any society at any junction in history is the opening of the Christian mind.” –Holmes

A few months ago I picked this book up for a couple of dollars. It’s about the work of Christian higher education, so I knew it was right up my alley.

This book was published in 2003, which in higher education terms puts in the ancient history section. However, most of the work is timeless. The ten chapters are a compilation of works by some distinguished scholars and teachers in Christian higher education. Most of these chapters are adapted from former lectures and publications sponsored by the Association of Southern Baptist College and Schools.

Now, I am a self-proclaimed non-denominationalist, and there was nothing in this work that reeked of Southern Baptist promotion. These chapters simply tackle the every going challenge of faith integration in a Christian college.

My favorite chapter is written by the venerable Arthur Holmes, who wrote the masterpiece The Idea of a Christian College.

This is good book, but I am sure there are newer, fresher works out there. If you want to add to your collection of Christian higher education works (like me), then it’s worth the price.