A Faith for the Generations edited by Timothy W. Herrman, et al

This book is the result of symposium hosted by Taylor University about the big faith issues experienced by college students. Whether a school admits it or not, a college or university has a huge impact on a student’s spiritual formation. Obviously, Christian or church-affiliated schools have a better opportunity to address spiritual growth as the school’s mission is spiritually founded. But the question remains, do Christian colleges and universities actually provide a constructive spiritual experience?

When you read A Faith for the Generations certain authors pop up multiple times: Arnett, the Astins, Fowler, Kinnaman, Parker, and Smith. You really begin to see a theme: With all these amazing studies down on spiritual development, how do we respond? How do we make it work?

The chapters/presentations/research found in the book are about making changes and taking ownership of faith development on our campuses.

This book is an easy read. You are not going to find anything groundbreaking, but you are going to find a launching pad into some profound works.