Everyone Loves Sex by Bryan Sands

For as long as I can remember, I was taught that sex was bad. More specifically, I was taught sex before marriage was bad. It was a message I heard constantly. I don’t remember the first time I heard this message, but I am sure it was before I knew about sex or was interested in it. It was probably these messages about sexual abstinence that made me so curious about sex in the first place.

I grew up in a pretty typical Christian environment. Of course, when you are younger, things are a little more legalistic. When it came to sex, there was no conversation, it was simply, “Don’t do it because God says so, trust me.” Once I was in college, there finally was an opportunity to discuss sex in an open and safe forum.

Let’s face it, waiting until college to have a conversation about sex is ridiculous and this is one of the reasons why the book Everyone Loves Sex exists.

Sex is a gift from God. He invented and He wants us to enjoy it. Having a proper understanding of sex is vital to make that happen. Like I said, I have heard a lot of pastors and other speakers talk about sexual purity and abstinence and their words always felt insufficient. What I loved most about Everyone Loves Sex is how meticulously researched the book is. Each chapter contains numerous notes and citations. Sands mentions psychological studies and longitudinal research to back up his words, something that I see rarely in Christian books.

Sands brings a lot of stories to the table. Most of them are gut-wrenching. It is incredibly sad to see so many people abused and victimized by sex. There are a lot of sensitive stories, but they all point to a story of redeemed beauty.

It is difficult to think and speak objectively about something that is incredibly personal and subjective about something that seemingly hijacks your brain, but I think Sands does a great job capturing what sex should look like in a healthy and beautiful relationship.