Every Good Endeavor by Timothy Keller

“Why do you want to work? Why is it so hard to work? How can we overcome the difficulties and find satisfaction in our work through the gospel?”

I have always been taught that hard work is good. The harder the work, the more valuable the work. When I went to college, I had a couple of jobs on campus. Most were unexciting; usually mindless, insignificant tasks that helped the school function. This is what I assumed work would always be like, dull and boring.

However, I did have one job on campus that I loved. I got to work alongside college students and help them thrive in their college experience. The moment I found out I could have a career in college student development was life-defining day. I never knew work could be meaningful, engaging, and even fun.

Work is part of God’s story. Our first story of God – the creation account – is a story of God working and loving His work. “Christians should places a high value on all human work (especially excellent work), done by all people, as a channel of God’s love for his world.”

As you can attain from the title, Every Good Endeavor is about the theology of work. Keller has definitely done his research. He frequently cites and references works by great theologians and Christian thinkers.

The book has a very simple message but it did drag on too long, but it is good nonetheless.