Enough is Enough edited by Brian O. Hemphill & Brandi Hephner LaBanc

I usually find reading a good book to be an enjoyable time, however this was a somber exception. I have been working on college campuses in one way or another for over decade now. I was a college student when the Virginia Tech massacre occurred. I was in middle school when Columbine shocked the nation. Unfortunately, the realities of campus shootings have been a piece of my entire educational and professional career.

Reading about all these horrible campus shootings is a gruesome enough, but what is even more disturbing is what has happened since this book was published back in 2010. It was gut-wrenching to read this book and come to the understanding that campus shootings are no longer an abnormalities but expected tragedies. From my calculations, there have been over sixty deaths involving a gun on college campuses since 2010. In other words, over eight college students die a year because of guns.

I am not here to spark a debate on gun control or university policies or whatever else. I have served on emergency response committees and am very thankful none of the schools I have attended or worked at have had a campus incident involving guns. But I am definitely filled with grief and pain over this reality we have on our campuses throughout our country.

This work has been a great resource and a foundation for schools as they constantly reassess their response to tragic events. I highly recommend this to anyone interested in creating safer campuses.