Empathetic Leadership by Michael Brisciana

Leadership is hard. That’s why there are countless books on leadership. There is simply no single definition of leadership. What works in one field, would not work in another. This is the nature of leadership. That’s why you can come across books offering 10 insider secrets, 25 steps, or 47 practical tips. This is how we end up with Michael Brisciana’s Empathic Leadership.

Written from the human resource framework – which is highly overlooked perspective – Brisciana gives the reader 47 tried and true tips for leading others. Forty-seven may seem like a lot but the book is rather short and succinct. The tips are direct and useful.

The book is a bit choppy. It does feel more like a series of blog posts than a book but that shouldn’t be too big of a problem. Though Brisciana shares a lot of stories, I wish he could have given more details. For example, he explains that a fellow colleague failed to win over his supervisors, but very few details are shared. The anecdotes don’t land when there is no story arc. I don’t want a novel, I prefer non-fiction but I think there are better ways to sell your points.

All in all, this is a good, informative guide for leaders especially in the HR world.