The Effective Executive by Peter Drucker

“Executives are not paid for doing things they like to do. They are paid for getting the right things done.”

If you have read anything on leadership or management in the past few decades, you are probably already familiar with Peter Drucker. I first heard about Drucker a few years back while reading a book by a college president and over time Drucker’s name kept popping up everywhere.

It was difficult to determine which book to read first. He has written dozens of books, and all of them have been universally praised. I chose The Effective Executive because it seemed to have a simple, straightforward message and it was under 200 pages. However, I was a bit weary because the book was first published in 1967.

First, this book is amazing. It packed with great, applicable information. I actually think this book is more relevant today that it was when it was first written.

Second, the message is amazing. The overall message is simple, “effectiveness can be learned and must be earned.” There may be some individuals better suited for leadership roles, but to be an effective manager you need to develop the skill of effectiveness.

I will definitely be picking up more Drucker books in the future.

Here are some gems:

“Organizations are held together by information rather than by ownership or command.”

“Working on the right things is what makes knowledge work effective.”

“All in all, the effective executive tries to be himself.”