Drive by Daniel Pink

What motivates us are incentives. Sometimes that incentive is external like money or fame. Many times that incentive is internal, like feeling good or magnanimous. I learned this from a great book entitled Freakonomics. I have learned some amazing things about human nature from authors like Malcolm Gladwell and Charles Duhigg, but from Daniel Pink, I wouldn’t say I learned a lot.

Drive is a good book. If you take out all the extra pages full of notes, index, and previews, the book is much, much shorter than it seems. Drive is a compilation of ideas, or summary of different studies piled into one book. There are some great books on my reading list mentioned here, and I am more interested in reading these books that Pink’s summary.

All in all, the book was good but not really worth it. I’d rather pick up and read books by Ariely, Dweck, and Seligman. I think that would a better use of my money.