Drive-Thru Dreams by Adam Chandler

For me, the ultimate treat as a kid was a McDonald’s Happy Meal. Even for my children, the ultimate treat is a McDonald’s Happy Meal.

Toy aside, the allure of McDonald’s was its consistency. No matter where you went, it tasted the same. It was always delicious.

Now, is it good for me? Absolutely not. But that’s kind of the point. It’s a guilty pleasure. If you want something healthy, you do not get fast food.

This book not only recounts the history of America’s greatest fast food chains, it also conveys how fast food shaped America and how America shaped fast food.

Fast food history is unquestionably American history. Fast food is more American than apple pie (unless it’s one of those apple pies from McDonald’s).

I wish the book took a more linear approach instead of bouncing between corporations, but it is clear that fast food did not originate from a single place. It was created throughout the country. Over time, with the interstate highways connecting the country, fast food connected us all.

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