Dodgers Move West by Neil Sullivan

Over the years I have become rather proficient in Los Angeles Dodger history, specifically when the team moved from Brooklyn.

So, why did the Brooklyn Dodgers move? It’s complicated. O’Malley saw the writing on the wall; if the Dodgers stay at Ebbets Field they will slowly fade into baseball oblivion. The politicians in New York, specifically Robert Moses, were not going to let O’Malley dictate any terms. The politicians had a strict vision for professional baseball, and that vision did not work with O’Malley.

For decades that has been rumors that O’Malley outsmarted and tricked both New York and Los Angeles, but I think the truth is more boring. O’Malley wanted money and a winning team. O’Malley decided to make his own luck and move the team.


Dodgers Move West is a simple read. It does not bog you down with details or superfluous stories. Just the facts. It’s simple and delightful to read.

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