Disappointment with God by Philip Yancey

As a Christian I find the role of suffering in this world to be the biggest thorn in my side. How does a all-loving, all-powerful God allow so much suffering to exist in this world? It is a very valid question that demands an answer. Followers of Christ must be equipped response. I have done a lot of reading concerning the problem of evil and suffering and theodicy. A good section of books on my shelf are devoted to the subject.

Philip Yancey has written several books over his career. He has the great ability to pack a lot of knowledge into simple writing. I picked up this book back when I was in college and I was going through a crisis of faith. I felt abandoned by God, left alone and hurt. I felt like I could no longer believe in a God who could be so absent during my time of need.

“God doesn’t care so much about being analyzed. Mainly, he wants to be loved.” Throughout the book, Yancey shows us the history of God throughout the Bible. Usually we tend to look at the men and women throughout the Biblical narrative, forgetting that the complete story is about God. Time and time again, God faithfully shows up even though He was rejected, disowned, and unwanted by the people He chose.

God loves and wants to be loved. Anything He has provided us is unearned by us. God’s love is not fair and if it was we would never know Him. Life is unfair. Christ’s death was unfair. There is no intellectual answer that will solve suffering. There is something really, really wrong with this world. We know that because God is so good!