Dataclysm by Christian Rudder

People are interesting. Social science is extremely interesting because it does the near impossible: explaining people. The explosion of social media over the past decade has given social scientists a treasure trove of data as internet users self-select their identities and behaviors.

Dataclysm is another volume in the social science world, however it does not compare to the genius of Freakonomics or anything by Malcolm Gladwell and Nate Silver. Christian Rudder is one of the founders of the dating website OKCupid. Most of the book extracts information from OkCupid’s database which I found less than interesting.

Internet dating sites are huge. They have definitely changed how people flirt, mingle, date, and even marry. But in the end, you are pulling information from very select group of people, something Rudder even mentions in the book. I expected the book to me robust in information, but rarely does it wander off the profiles of OkCupid users.

If the title or subtitle of the book included a direct reference to dating sites, then I think I would have been a little less unimpressed but I would have been a little less interested too./p>

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