Dad is Fat by Jim Gaffigan

I have been a big fan of Jim Gaffigan for a long time. I have most if not all of his albums. Jim Gaffigan (alongside Conan O’Brien) is of one of the palest comedians around (both are member of Pale Force by the way). Additionally, he is one of the kings of self-deprecation.

Over time Gaffigan’s humor has evolved from topics such as overeating and sleep-deprivation to overeating and sleep-deprivation with kids. In his new book,Dad is Fat, Gaffigan gives us a glimpse into his crazy life as the father of five little ones while living in a small New York apartment as Mrs. Gaffigan and him manage his career.

The chapters are short and witty. The book reads much like a classic Gaffigan routine. Though I think a traditionalist would disapprove of Gaffigan reusing his old material in the book, I didn’t mind it too much because most of it was relevant and still funny.

Obviously if you are a fan of Gaffigan you will love this book. If you have never heard of Gaffigan yet you have raised a herd of children, I’m sure you will find this book insightful and honest.