Courageous Leadership by Bill Hybels

“Vision is at the very core of leadership.”

Willow Creek Community Church has been one of the most prosperous churches in the country for the past thirty years. The Willow Creek Association has helped numerous churches and countless church leaders become effective and resilient. And what is behind the success at Willow Creek? Bill Hybels and his commitment to creating and nurturing mature leadership.

If Christian churches and organizations really believe in the message of Christ – if we really believe in the good news of the Gospel- we ought to use our very best resources we have to help share that message. With guidance from the Holy Spirit, we need leaders who can create a vision, develop a plan, inspire others, and ultimately lead us from despair to hope.

Often Christians forget the effect of great leadership. We tend to fear change. We are weary of capital campaigns and strategic visions. But  we need strong leaders to move our churches from hopelessness to the hope of the world. We are made in God’s image. We have some amazing resources. Under the right leadership and God’s care, we can create something that is earth-shattering.

Every leader should read this book. Bill Hybels has an impressive resume yet he is quick to point out his many mistakes. I enjoyed hearing the up-and-downs of Hybels’ career and seeing how I can learn from his distinguished career.