Comedy Sex God by Pete Holmes

I first became aware of Pete Holmes through Conan. I had seen Holmes perform on the show a few times, and I found him very funny. Later, Holmes had his own show directly following Conan’s on TBS. It was through his talk show that I learned about his podcast You Made It Weird. In many ways, the podcast was perfect for me. At the time I had a grueling commute and listening to Holmes’ interviews were a perfect distraction. I also found Holmes’ take of spiritual issues very interesting.

Holmes grew up in the church and he attended Gordon College, a private Christian college just outside of Boston. I sort of grew up in the church and I attended Azusa Pacific University, a private Christian university just outside of Pasadena. It was very interesting reading Holmes’ experiences in college. It was like I was reading my own biography. It was almost eerie.

However, I don’t want to equate my life to Pete Holmes. He has lived a very different life. He is a comedian who has had two television shows and acclaimed podcast. I am a higher education professional with no television shows.

After Holmes’ divorce, he threw away his faith away and he pretty much started all over again. He had a lot of baggage full of guilt. He needed to deprogram his mind. After my bout with depression, I threw away my faith and started all over again. Holmes identifies as a Christ-leaning spiritualist and I love that. Though I probably lean even more, I am still redefining my spirituality.

I love reading books by comedians, because I love their perspective on life. Holmes has a unique, beautiful perspective. I have never learned so much from a comedian. I would consider Holmes more of a spiritualist than a comedian. Holmes probably does not care about the label.

If you are interested in life, you will love this book. If you are interested in comedy, you will love this book. If you like Pete Holmes, you will love this book. I was afraid this book was simply going to be a rehash of the ideas discussed in his podcast, but it’s not. The ideas may be the same, but Holmes breathes fresh life into them. You get a real, honest Pete Holmes.

I really enjoyed this book and I highly recommend it.

Keep it crispy.

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