College Rules! By Sherrie Nist-Olejnik, PhD & Jodi Patrick Holschuch

My quest to find the perfect college orientation book continues. With a subtitle like “How to study, survive, and succeed in college,” College Rules! seemed like the perfect fit. Furthermore, College Rules! has now published its 4th edition, signifying its timeliness and timelessness.

The first thing I noticed when the book arrived in the mail was its size. The book is over 300 pages long. This is not surprising when you try to address every aspect of the college academic experience, but as a book written primarily for newly minted high school graduates, I could not imagine young students reading 300 pages regarding time management and study skills.

There are some boxes aimed at adult students through the book, but these boxes felt like an afterthought or simply out of place. Adult students have entirely different needs, they would need their own book.

There are also some boxes promoting apps and other software programs a college student could use. All this information could be useful, but it could also be completely out dated in a matter of weeks or months.

All in all, the information is very practical and accurate. If a student is willing to sit down and read this book, they are probably already studious enough for college. There is one section of the book I found very bizarre; when the authors advise you on the best way to guess at a multiple choice question if you don’t know the answer. I was not expecting that.

Note: I received this book through in exchange for an honest review.