Christmas: A Candid History by Bruce David Forbes

I will be completely honest: I love Christmas. That’s not really a controversial statement in America. So here’s where I am really honest: I love Christmas but almost for every secular reason imaginable. I am a church-going, Jesus believing American and I definitely celebrate the birth of Jesus during Christmas, but I really love the lights, sounds, music, smell, music, and gifts of Christmas. Watching Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer is a lot more fun than lighting an Advent candle. Now, let me be clear, I revere these moments in the Church calendar. They are humbling reminders of my humanness. Unfortunately, my humanness also really loves Christmas chocolate.

Christmas: A Candid History reminds us that Christmas is not a celebration created by Christians. In fact, celebrations around the winter solstice have been around for centuries. Over the years, different cultures and religions have added their traditions. In fact, for a period of time Christians were opposed to all winter celebrations including Christ-oriented celebrations.

I found this book enjoyable, though there was nothing in it I didn’t really know already. It is an easy and compact read.